Frequently Asked Questions

Question about selling

You can get started by clicking on Register, enter your details, then create a profile. Thereafter, you can start creating listings.

You can list up to 4 properties per month, free of charge. Should you wish to list more properties, you will need to opt for either the gold or premium subscription packages.
Generally, property prices are ascertain based on comparable or similar properties sold in the area. Comparables are based on price per square foot of similar residential properties. In the absence of comparables, you can seek to ascertain a valuation from an approved broker or licence valuer in the property’s surrounding area. Alternatively, you can use our online valuation tool by clicking on resources.
We do not charge a commission for selling your property. However, if you are looking for a personal touch and super-premium listing, there will be a small one-off fee. was developed specifically for developers, landlords and homeowners wanting a simple and cost-effective property marketing tool that also offered global exposure to international clients. For developers, this is a cost-effective dream come true.

Question about renting

Many real estate portals in the Caribbean cater for tourists and people looking for a short term / nightly booking arrangement. MCH is different, as we only list properties for locals, expats and similar type of tenants who are looking for long term stay, minimum 3 months – 12 or 18 months. Prices are quoted per month and not nightly.
Yes, we have no policy that limits landlords from communicating directly with tenants on our portal.
Our in-house brokers can assist with venting tenants, verifying affordability, collecting employment references etc.

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